About Us

Highland Hollow Coffee and Tea was established in 1995  when John first started roasting on his farm in a Royal # 4 Coffee  Roaster for family and friends. John wanted people to have easy access  to good fresh roasted coffee, not coffee stored in plastic bins  or vacuum sealed bags roasted who knows how long ago. Soon coffee orders  started picking up and we moved to our downtown Elmwood location.  John  at that point purchased a Royal  #5 to keep up with orders. John early  on drew a line in the sand and said he wanted only the best, and wanted  to provide the best, so it was decided only to roast Certified Organic  coffees and to add to it, Fair Trade when available. There was to be no  blends, no flavors just great single country of origin coffee, pure and  simple. 

Highland Hollow Coffee and Tea Co.105 S. Main St. Po Box#42 Elmwood,Wi.54740

Wednesday 9:00 AM-5:00PM