Coffee Listing


Note  all the coffee we sell is Certified Organic and Fair Trade if  available. Available in the roast of you choice, Light, Medium, Dark,  French, or Espresso

Fair Trade Organic Mexican
Mexican coffees are light to medium body with delicate fruit and spice overtones.

Fair Trade  Organic  Sumatra

Sumatran coffees capture the wild jungle essence of this tropical  Indonesian island. A great Sumatran is creamy sweet with a touch of  butterscotch, spice and mustiness.

Organic Costa Rican
Costa Rican coffees are grown at high altitudes in amazing volcanic  soil. These two factors come together to produce a very bright and very  clean cup of coffee. The best Costa Ricans develop a bit of berry  fruitiness to compliment the straight out brightness.

Organic Columbian
Columbian coffees are well balanced, medium bodied, and bright. They are the most marketed bean in the world

Organic Timor
A full body earthy brew with a smooth silky taste. It has full body  flavor and subtle spice overtones, with a hint of acidity to balance the  flavors. Bold and lively, yet remarkably smooth. It's a great after  dinner coffee.

 Organic Ethiopian
Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee. a very amazing and unique coffee with floral and tangerine notes

Fair Trade Organic Peruvian
  This exceptional altitude in the Andes mountains, creates a coffee  with bright effervescent snap, gentle sweetness, and nice medium body  coffee.

Fair Trade Organic Nicaraguan
Nicaraguan coffee is a smooth cup with bright acidity and a medium body coffee.

Fair Trade Organic Brazilian
A great high quality Brazilian is soft, nutty, low acidity, with nice bittersweet chocolate taste.

Organic Papua New Guinea
Papua new Guinea  coffees are a cup of wildness like the island itself.  It's a bright cup with delicate acidity of a malic acid- apple  wineyness.

Fair Trade Organic Bolivian
Smooth and balanced with a fragrant aroma, this Bolivian coffee possesses  a rich full body with notes of almond and hazelnut.

 Organic El Salvador

This coffee starts with a bright sparkle of acidity that fades into a  rich, creamy full body. No sourness at all, finishes very nice with a  hint of spicy, roastyness, and a pleasant reminder of fruit.

All coffee's are $11.50 per pound plus shipping

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